Crowdfunding: The Next Generation

Jan 26, 2017

How WonderWe is responding to nonprofit needs.

The individual crowdfunding campaign may be one of the most important societal developments in the last ten years.  Nothing about this phenomenon should be taken for granted. Crowdfunding has most definitely proven the old adage 'many hands makes light work', is as true as it ever was.

Now nonprofits are seeing opportunity in what started out as a much more personal thing.  And well they should, because in the next few years crowdfunding will vastly change how these organizations raise money, why they raise money, how much they raise, and what constituent relationships really mean.

But using a crowdfunding platform has a different meaning to a nonprofit than it does for one person who has an immediate need.  For most nonprofits there are of course more people involved with the effort, other obligations and concerns, longer term strategic realities, in a word, differences.  Many nonprofits are sort of off to the side at the moment watching what other organizations are doing, experiencing and learning. WonderWe is making strides to light the way!

WonderWe, a Kansas City, MO start-up, is looking ahead to what we see as the next great development for online giving -- managed nonprofit entry. While we have matched and improved upon the technology used to serve the burgeoning online fundraising phenomenon, GoFundMe, we haven’t stopped with technology.

WonderWe team set up comprehensive services for 501(c)3 organizations that don’t upset service for personal causes which, though smaller, are just as important. In fact, we believe it will naturally mean better service to the individual.

WonderWe was built to include impressive fundraising and management tools that are easy to use, going beyond simple crowdfunding to include a complementary social network for cause-minded people. Significantly, with a WonderWe campaign, creators no longer have to manage their fundraising efforts alone. This can be a very big deal to public charities that require some infrastructure for online campaigns.

WonderWe’s Peer-to-peer fundraising tool allows campaign supporters to take up the cause right inside the campaign, integrating a nonprofit's brand with outside constituent relationships, to raise a percentage of an organization’s main financial goal with their own mini-campaigns within the primary campaign.  This means the high credibility of the need (or ask) is now represented virally in an even more personalized way to potential donors who might not otherwise be moved to give.

The Multiple administrators tool allows and encourages a team of co-administrators to create and edit, promote and analyze campaign data, monitor and update.  Each team member can act as a primary campaign force in the eyes of constituents if needed or they can remain behind the scenes.  Either way, this adds an exponential effect to fundraising success.  Think of it as a small internal crowd managing a crowdfunding campaign instead of one person.

Other tools include auto-thank you letters,  recording videos directly into the campaign,  and mobile in-app sharing.

The idea of urgent personal needs shared virally has opened doors to incredible generosity and new possibilities for nonprofits. WonderWe is here to provide FREE campaigns for a nonprofit's next funding need -- AND -- a team to help start the campaign/s with great strategy advice and the best content so charities can reach their financial goal!  


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