How to Get Your Campaign Noticed with a We#code

Dec 7, 2015

Have a cause you want to fundraise for, but don't know how to make it easy for people to find you? With so many online fundraising options out there, it can be really hard to stand above the fold. That's why WonderWe is proud to introduce the We#code. A We#code is like a hashtag or promo code that represents a crowdfunding campaign. By creating a campaign on WonderWe, you'll be able to customize one of these codes so that people can quickly and easily donate to your campaign. In this short post, we'll explore some strategies for using a We#code to get more dollars for your fundraiser.

  • How to create a We#code. If you don't already have an account on WonderWe, your first step is to create one. Click this link to do that: Then, once you're in your account, click 'create new' in the My Fundraisers tab on the left:

    WonderWe will then walk you through the steps to creating a campaign. You'll have the chance to customize your We#code (don't worry about it being perfect - you can always change it later! :) Craft a word that relates to your campaign, is catchy, and will be easy for folks to remember. For example, in a campaign we ran with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, we used the We#code: 'beabig'. Once you've crafted your We#code, WonderWe will walk you through the remaining steps to launch your campaign so people will be able to find and donate to your fundraiser using your We#code!

  • We#code + mobile app = recipe for success. Nowadays, more people surf the web via their smartphone than their computer. is fully mobile responsive, plus, WonderWe has an Itunes and Android app. Once you have your We#code, your contributors can use it to quickly find and donate to your campaign - all from the palm of their hand.

    Check out this screenshot from our mobile app! People can use your We#code in this app to donate to you in seconds:

  • Use your We#code at an event to maximize impact. Hosting an event is a great way to raise funds for a cause, but if you don't offer people a way to easily give at your event, you'll miss out on the majority of donations. By creating a We#code, people can easily search for your campaign, donate in seconds, and get back to enjoying your event!

  • We#code = branding

That's a pic of your humble author rocking some WonderWe swag :) In the same way, you could create a few shirts, hats, or flyers that have your We#code on them. Get some people wearing them, take some pics, and blast it out on social media!

It's a noisy world out there and that can make it very hard to get people noticing the cause you're fundraising for. WonderWe is the only crowdfunding platform that offers anything like the We#code - take advantage of it to make your campaign stand out.

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