How WonderWe Might Help Schools. A fresh face on school fundraising.

May 25, 2016

School fundraisers are as much a part of the school year as new backpacks and a lunchbox, though backpacks and lunchboxes don’t make us yawn.  Fundraisers have become so tiresome.  We purchase pizza kits, cookies, magazines, candy of all shapes and varieties.  And we go back to the same old pocketbooks—grandma and grandpa, mom and dad’s office mates, maybe, if we’re lucky, friends from our church or neighborhood. Though most likely, they’ve been hit up by their own kids, fundraising for their own schools. Yes, schools need to raise funds for engaging activities and ongoing educational endeavors not paid for by the school itself, yet…school fundraisers have become, well, uninspiring. 

Fortunately, the youngsters (and their parents) of today have a better option.  WonderWe, is a free fundraising platform that helps spread the word about school needs within a fun, engaging, low risk environment.  And because WonderWe is free to users, there are no fees involved—either monthly or introductory, as is the case with many fundraising platforms.

WonderWe’s state-of-the-art technology, world-class design and fresh, patent-pending features empower fund raising to be easy, and even enjoyable. Clicking through a website from the convenience of your home is such a refreshing change from asking, and asking, and asking again your Uncle Ed to buy that box of candy.

Capable of supporting multiple campaigns on native and mobile apps, WonderWe features include team fundraising, built-in social networking and other communications, a We#code for sharing and promoting ideas, and a “video-ask” concept and “promoter feature” for peer-to-peer, viral personal fundraising requests.  No other crowdfunding platform offers so much with no fees attached.  In fact, since WonderWe is free, the only investment you need to make is a few minutes of your time.  However, we hear from visitors that since the site is so interactive, packed with compelling ideas for campaigns, and is easy to navigate, you may find yourself settling in for a longer visit than you expected.

Suggestions for schools include funding the always underfunded Parent Teacher Association, sending a group of kindergarteners to the Zoo, putting 5th graders on a bus to the local science museum, or encouraging parents to surprise a favorite teacher with a retirement gift.  Spend some time thinking about what would make your school an even better environment for your children, and yourself.  The options are limitless. 

Of course, you could always open a campaign for a special cause your school could get behind as a group—perhaps a service project within your local community, or helping a young student’s struggling family through hard times.  Veritas Christi in Ann Arbor, MI is raising funds for the first ever Catholic School for students with special needs. Holy Cross School in Anderson, IN is raising funds for new uniforms and after school enrichment.

With WonderWe as part of your fundraising team, it’s easy to give.  It’s easy to create opportunities to give. And it’s free.  Create a fundraiser on WonderWe. Then talk to your friends. Talk to your family. Encourage them to check out WonderWe.  We’re a community of individuals, a community of students and teachers, a community of families. Summer may just be around the corner but it’s never too early to start raising funds for the upcoming school year. 

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