Hurricane Matthew Relief in Haiti

Oct 25, 2016

The recent Hurricane Matthew has left many areas devastated by its destruction.  One hit extremely hard is the south of Haiti.  With washed out roads and a major bridge collapsed, the area has been left stranded.  People have been living in the streets.  Crops have been destroyed, so food is scarce and cholera is an ever-growing threat.  Hundreds have died from the disease since the hurricane blew through the area.  Now one doctor is seeking help to bring urgent care and supplies to the people affected by this tragedy. 

Vince DeGennaro, a medical doctor living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti since 2012, is the director of the Haiti Air Ambulance, the area’s only medical emergency helicopter program, and president of Innovating Health International (IHI), a nonprofit organization based out of Pompano Beach, Florida.  The nonprofit helps “treat chronic diseases and women’s health issues in developing countries.” 

DeGennaro and the IHI team of doctors and medical personnel have been flying in medical aid, food, water and supplies since the storm.  But the need is so great, they are seeking donations on the crowdfunding website, WonderWe, for help in bringing additional medications and care to the country. 

“These towns on the southwestern coast, it’s near total destruction,” DeGennaro told CNN. “Just about every building was knocked down, even concrete ones.  It’s quite frightening to see from the air.” 

Cholera has been a major problem already in Haiti.  There have been efforts to eradicate it, but that has now been washed away by Matthew.  The disease is highly contagious and is spread through contaminated food and water, causing vomiting and diarrhea and leading to extreme dehydration and death.

DeGennaro expects cholera to spread and other sicknesses related to dehydration and malnutrition to increase. 

To support the hurricane relief work in Haiti, please donate by visiting  IHI assures that 90 percent of the donation will go to the hurricane relief on the ground in Haiti, since they operate with little overhead costs. 

IHI is also seeking nurses and doctors to volunteer in Haiti.  If you are qualified and interested in volunteering with IHI, visit


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