Just Cause? It's Time to Pick a Side

Feb 13, 2017

Causes.  They’re everywhere.  

In recent years, what has grown in popularity more than the notion of the Cause and particularly how quickly and easily it may be funded?

In mere minutes, anyone anywhere can have an idea, set up a page or site with a credible crowdfunding platform, ask thousands of people they don’t know for money, and receive money instantly from anywhere on the planet. It may actually be more impressive than flight, the tools are really that praiseworthy. But what about the causes themselves?  

Certainly not everything you run into on just any crowdfunding site can be considered praiseworthy, not if you’re trying to remain friendly with the Natural and Supernatural Law anyway.  These are the days when decisive attacks are launched against the absolutes every minute of the day as nonchalantly as grabbing a cup of coffee or catching a movie, or clicking an online trade opportunity.  And given the equal status evil demands to have with good today, it is really quite important for those of good will to draw lines wherever possible, take stands and mobilize.

It is certain that when this does not happen, individuals and organizations only become more emboldened to advance their agendas, pretending their so-called causes have something to do with Justice.  There are plenty of donors to support them on plenty of digital platforms.  In other words, they don’t need any help from those of us who make some attempt at acknowledging the laws of God, natural and supernatural.

Consider the all new lows we have reached in just the last year or so.

In December, 2016, the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the Kenai Peninsula Borough, in Kenai, Alaska, to force the celebration of Satan during what would normally be opening prayers at assembly meetings.[1]

In Tacoma, Washington, a public school system now allows “After-School Satan Club” for children because the Tacoma Public School System says it is obligated by law to allow it.[2]

Back in August, 2016, a group of satanists in Oklahoma City mocked and offended the Catholic Church with a satanic black mass for which tickets were publicly sold.[3]

For more than a year, we have looked on in horror at the latest revelations about the abortion industry’s second business of barbarism, the sale of fetal body parts.  And currently, Planned Parenthood is suing in at least 3 states to kill new regulations that protect children in the womb[4].  The ACLU joins in that fight while the Supreme Court strikes down the very notion of safety requirements in Texas abortion clinics.  The list of atrocities goes on and on.

What could be next, eating each other in the streets?

These real attacks cause one to ask, where do we see the perpetrators of such evils making compromises or yielding to the admonishments of Christian or Natural Law principles?  No where of course.  They accept nothing but total victory.

Just a few short years ago, most could not have conceived of such brutal developments, but many now realize it was never really about so-called choice - that is a faux word that for years seemed to mask the true intention to mandate an equality of death with life, wrong with right, evil with good.

Whether we like it or not, this is a prevailing philosophy behind horrible offenses that are today’s “Causes”, equal to all other causes that can be supported on crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, a company claiming a sort of neutrality in our ongoing culture war, as a third party vendor or ‘cause clearinghouse’ that will gladly reap the benefits from any side.

You don’t have to look far on these sites to find campaigns to raise money for abortion, gender surgery, and affirmation of homosexuality among children.  Just head out to GoFundMe or other platforms and search ‘abortion’, ‘gender’, ‘pro-choice’, ‘gay’, ‘marriage equality’, and the like.

And now the harsh question.  How do those adhering to traditional principles aid and abet the culture war that is waged against them?  More importantly, why do they do it and can they stop?

For it is a fact, the average person of good will, on a number of levels, consistently enables the context and provides the resources for the victory of the very things he opposes.  Granted there are certain transactions based more on need that must be made and we cannot control everything about the future of those dollars.  But there are clear cases where we, those on the religious, social and cultural right, fuel our own demise with our addiction to brands, comforts and thoughtless decision making, as we nearly everyday hand over dollars to corporations that fully intend to use some of those same dollars to harm us and those we love.  “Thanks for your business, here’s your change, have a great day and shut up about your belief in traditional marriage!”

Giving our time and treasure to certain entertainment, food and drink, convenience products, investments, and a million other “wants” produces incalculable profits for entities that easily part with the monetary portion they want to dedicate to wreaking havoc on the Natural and Supernatural Law and thereby society and culture.  The insanity is perhaps nowhere deeper and darker than with the nation’s mainstream media addiction, which constantly feeds untruths as it bursts with advertising profits, all thanks to us loyal viewers.

When will we pick a side?  And how?

It’s not a new question and while it starts as a decisive shift in mindset taking action in new habits, the extraordinarily practical part is that many solutions can be found in technology. If help is needed to establish new habits and practices that better defend our principles and freedoms then we need look no further than new programs, apps, sites, calendars, reminders, etc.  There are new online investment models to promote moral and social responsibility, new entertainment sources that promote family friendly viewing and filtering, apps to remind us to pray, online brands with products and services that support our beliefs, and so on.  What about Causes?

In the ever growing world of crowdfunding for causes, the answer is WonderWe.com.  This is where you can have all of the incredible online tools (and more really) and know that every cause or campaign supports and adheres to the Natural and Supernatural Law.  Pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-marriage organizations and many more, can create campaign after campaign knowing the platform they use will never be a threat to them.

Think of it.  As more and more dollars are crowdfunded for Pro-life, Pro-family and related causes, they will also be raised for Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and their ilk.  Can we really afford to share space with them?  More importantly, considering the left’s windfall fundraising endeavors over the years, what if certain crowdfunding platforms are pressured to distance themselves from say a Pro-life campaign or risk losing 5% of Planned Parenthood’s annual online campaigns?

WonderWe.com comes at a time when the right thing to do, the smart thing to do, really the only thing to do, can actually be done.  Whether you’re starting or supporting an online fundraising campaign, always keep in mind that not all Causes are created equally.  That’s polarizing.  That’s not politically correct.  That’s why WonderWe.com is here.



[1] ACLU suing Kenai Peninsula Borough over invocation policy

[2] After school Satan club concerns Tacoma parents

[3] Satanic ‘Black Mass’ held in Oklahoma City

[4] Planned Parenthood cites Texas case in suit to rescind abortion restrictions in Missouri

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