Making Action Epidemic - A Note to Change Agents

Jan 19, 2017

It can be pretty hard to sell your personal inspiration to others.  

For those impassioned souls out there who have vision, the next great idea certainly doesn’t feel like it would be hard to sell.

But how many stories have we heard of those who brought new ideas to the table and were laughed out of the room?  Vision can be so alien to others.

If you love something and are passionate about it and have to go sell it to everyone else, it feels like it will be easy, because you love it, because you’re passionate about it. You feel that your great idea is infectious. You feel like this is the key to creating disciples, gaining traction and causing great change.  Well, your inspiration is a sort of fuel for pushing you forward, but it’s not necessarily the key to instilling it in just anyone else.

Doing and saying the right things to infect others with action fever... how does that work to the degree that the action you want to inspire reaches epidemic proportion?  Your heart pounds pushing blood into your head, and you can actually feel it as you imagine many many others taking the action you want them to take.  

It goes without saying that there’s a lot of work involved -- and nothing happens overnight.  

More than twenty years ago when I started a nonprofit organization, email fundraising didn’t really exist. We didn’t have bank cards for instant purchases and our cell phone was the size of the chair I’m sitting in.  I found roughly 12 people out of many who had an interest in what I wanted to do -- walk across the United States as a Pro-life witness that might raise awareness about the scourge of abortion.  Today, because of those few initial people, and later several exceedingly dedicated leaders, the crazy walk idea became an annual 4 walks in the United States, 1 in Canada, 1 in Ireland, 1 in Spain, 1 in Australia and several others in different parts of the world, all to make a public statement for pre-born souls that cannot speak for themselves. To date, the number of students who have made the trek is roughly fifteen hundred.

I cannot begin to convey the amazing things that have resulted from what started as a weird idea that some said couldn’t be done.  Many people are alive and well today who otherwise would not be.  Thanks be to God.

Today I ask, what might we have accomplished with WonderWe?  Today, starting something like Crossroads Pro-life would be a wholly different experience.  There will always be hard work involved with building an idea into reality. But spreading the word, finding those initial kindred spirits, raising money, keeping supporters up-to-date with video and photos and passionate written content, coordinating with people half-way across the country or around the world -- WonderWe can make all of this a snap as a central online tool.  What I see as the result of such a scenario is more lives saved and more hearts and minds changed.  I see it done faster with greater sophistication, as a touching story moves at the speed of light to all corners of the world.  If that sounds a little over the top, good -- that’s exactly what I want it to sound like.

What’s your great idea?  And how can WonderWe help to make it a reality?

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