Manage Your Emergency! The WonderWe Team Will Handle Your Online Donations!

Jan 11, 2017

Comedian, Brian Regan, pointed out that Emergency Rooms don't offer valet parking. He suggested that this might be the greatest oversight in our solar system. The audience always laughs at that one. Because it's true.

So let's say the unthinkable happens and your loved one needs you now - your time, your attention, your effort!  This is not the time to start considering why so many personal funding campaigns on GoFundMe fail to reach their financial goals.  

You might think, "what are my chances to get the funds needed with so many donation sites and campaigns flying around?" as you grocery shop for your cousin, whose child is waiting for surgery.  And if someone told you to create and promote a website right now, could you do it effectively?  Or would you need at least a little help?

Creating a personal funding page is essentially the same as starting a small website.  Getting people to know the site exists is on you.  

But when something bad happens and you need financial help from your community fast, how much time is there to create, manage and most importantly, promote a site that is asking for financial support?  Sure, people do it successfully but most do not meet their goals or they fail.

WonderWe is here with FREE campaigns for your next funding need -- AND -- a team to help you quickly start your page with the best content and strategy advice so you can reach your vital financial goal!  Our tools are better!  Our team is here!

The next time you or a loved one needs to create an online campaign while heading to the emergency room, just contact WonderWe and our team will get you going!

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