Online Fundraising for Individuals and Charities

Feb 3, 2017

You need a website for donations for medical expenses.  Which one to choose?  Certainly a big deal when deciding would be the fees.  After all, it’s fair to say that when the mother of a sick child says she needs $10,000, she doesn’t mean $9,500.

WonderWe is a leading choice for raising money online because it offers more than simple access to free online fundraisers.  Our tools are better and include group features, peer-to-peer features and viral video features. And we’ll assign a team to assist you from start to finish where and when you need help.

Consider, creating a personal funding page is essentially the same as starting a small website.  Getting people to know the site exists is usually on you.  

But fundraising campaigns can’t always be planned. Things can happen fast and suddenly you need financial support from your community. How much time will there be to create, manage and most importantly, promote a site that is asking for financial support?  Sure, people do it successfully but many do not meet their goals or they fail.

WonderWe is here with FREE campaigns for your next funding need -- AND -- a team to help you quickly start your page with the best content and strategy advice so you can reach your vital financial goal!

So when picking a charity fundraising website, be sure to review all of your options. We’ll be glad to answer all of your questions!

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