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What To Know Before You Crowdfund

What To Know Before You Crowdfund? Crowdfund: You have a cause that’s been on your heart.  Maybe it’s a family emergency, special project or charity you’re involved with, but it’s going to require money...

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Hope Ministries’ WonderWe Crowdfunding Reaches Younger Demographic!

Hope Ministries, a South Bend, Indiana nonprofit, recently tested the WonderWe crowdfunding platform as a project-focused, donor solicitation channel. The experience, according to Jessie Klein, Director of Community Relations, was “fantastic.”   “Yet just...


Just Cause? It’s Time to Pick a Side

Causes.  They’re everywhere. In recent years, what has grown in popularity more than the notion of the Cause and particularly how quickly and easily it may be funded? In mere minutes, anyone anywhere can...