'Tis the season for Crowdfunding

Nov 22, 2016

Christmas is just around the corner.  The National Retail Federation estimates the typical consumer will spend an average of $935.38 on gifts this holiday season.  That’s $658.8 billion in retail sales.  Since it is the season of giving, what if we took a different approach to holiday spending and considered another way to give?

Rather than spending all the Christmas budget on the latest and greatest electronic gadget or the toy that is the hot pick this year, WonderWe, a relatively new online crowdfunding platform launched in 2014, suggests using crowdfunding this Christmas season. 

Perhaps there is a family or a person in need that has been on your heart as of late.  Maybe they have had a medical emergency, loss of a job, or been affected by a natural disaster. Whatever their need, crowdfunding could not only provide a financial gift, but show them they are loved, thought of and lift their spirits during a trying time. Start a Campaign on WonderWe it's simple and fast.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to give to a church, school, hospital or nonprofit organization, but didn’t know exactly how to go about doing so.  Money could be tight for you, but you still want to give somehow.  Starting a free fundraising campaign could be the answer and you could give more than you even thought possible through the help of others.

 WonderWe likes users to remember they are not fundraising alone, but rather can utilize the “power of we” when many come together for the same cause. 

Crowdfunding takes social media and uses it to get a fundraising campaign noticed.  But WonderWe takes that even further, compared to other crowdfunding sites.  WonderWe’s platform has a peer-to-peer feature. This means a fundraiser can be broken down into mini campaigns, allowing for more supporters and donors to get on board for the cause.  Your supporters can bring their network of social media, bringing in many more people and many more donations than with traditional fundraising.

Starting a fundraiser on WonderWe costs nothing and can be setup in as little as five minutes.  They focus their campaigns on “faith, family and friends” and don’t shy away from conservative issues such as pro-life efforts.  Rather than taking a piece of the donation money like other sites, they ask the donor for an optional donation to cover overhead costs.  This zero-fee model as well as innovative technology and an atmosphere based on traditional values sets WonderWe apart from the other guys. 

Founder Dominic Ismert said, “We can’t wait to see how our product helps people to help people.”

Use this season of giving to do something different this year.  Start a crowdfunding campaign through WonderWe and make this Christmas season the most generous of all. 

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