Using crowdfunding for year-end contributions

Dec 8, 2016

A new year is fast approaching.  Before making any new goals for 2017, there may be some last minute ones to see through before December 31, including seeking year-end contributions from supporters for your organization’s cause.  This year, online crowdfunding could offer an easier approach to the traditional fundraising tried in the past. 

Approximately one-third of all annual giving happens in December and 12 percent in the last three days of the year, according to Neon, a nonprofit helping other nonprofits succeed.  And between 26 and 50 percent of an organization’s budget comes from year-end giving.  So it is a prime time for organizations to seek financial help from their supporters.    

WonderWe, an up-and-coming crowdfunding platform, gives nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, hospitals and more an opportunity to start a fundraising campaign with ease.  

Starting a fundraiser on WonderWe is quick and, best of all, free. After launching a fundraising campaign for your cause, you spread the word through social media, and let the campaign take flight.  It’s as simple as that.  It’s all organized in one convenient online location. 

WonderWe offers more tools and options to grow your fundraiser compared to other crowdfunding sites.  For example, WonderWe is one of the only sites to feature peer-to-peer fundraising, where supporters can create their own mini campaign to raise a percentage of the main monetary goal.  This reaches a whole new network of social media and the opportunity to raise even more money. 

They also feature an organization portal that allows several administrators to run the fundraiser.  Administrators can edit the campaign page, promote it and view fundraiser statistics. 

You can add videos and pictures to make your fundraising page stand out, and link your organization to the fundraising page for quick access for supporters.  Nonprofit organizations that are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a government issued EIN receive a badge on their fundraising page stating they are a verified nonprofit.  This also helps donors who are seeking to make a donation that is tax deductible. 

Giving through WonderWe is safe and secure through the latest technology.  And donors are immediately emailed a thank you and a receipt, after the donation is processed. 

With a zero fee model, you can keep 100 percent of the donations raised, compared to other crowdfunding sites that may take up to five percent.  Standard credit card processing fees still apply. 

Don’t let the year slip by.  Take this important giving season to bring in more year-end contributions to your organization than you ever thought possible through the power of many people coming together for one cause, and the help of WonderWe.  Let go of the hassle of traditional fundraising and get on board with the new way of giving.  

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